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September 14, 2015

In the Studio: Kent Mayhew

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Rick Busby

I am proud to announce that I am in the studio again, but this time I am in the Producer’s chair. Austin singer-songwriter and recording artist, Kent Mayhew is recording his fourth full length record and has asked me to play the role of Producer for the record, which is expected to be released in early 2016.

Kent has been writing a special batch of songs over the past few years that indicate a huge growth for him as a songwriter since his last record, 2004’s Trail of the Heart. The subject matter in these songs tackles universal themes that are a quantum leap beyond the breezy, good time party vibe of his first three records. Having known him for for many years now, I believe these songs are the best he has ever written. I expect this record to be the best record of his career and I am honored he has asked me to collaborate with him.

We have begun basic tracking of the first four of eleven songs contemplated for the record and will be working on completing principal recording and mixing by the end of 2015. For more information on Kent Mayhew, visit his artist website, here.