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September 12, 2015

New Album Project for 2016

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Rick Busby

Since the release of Strawberry Moon in 2013, I have been looking forward to getting back in the studio and doing a new record and we have now begun pre-production on my next full-length record, which will be recorded and released in 2016.

While I am in the studio right now, it is as Producer for the new Kent Mayhew record, which will also be released in 2016. Still, even as I am producing Kent’s record, I am already organizing songs in my catalogue that have yet to be recorded. It amazes me how much has been accumulated over the years and the different styles. There are more songs in the hopper right now than can be contained on one record, so we are going to break it down into two or more projects.

For the first project, we are going to focus on the more spiritually oriented songs and we are grouping them together under the project title, The Soul of Everything.  We will be releasing free demos through ReverbNation for some of the songs being considered for the project in the coming weeks and months. We would like to have some feedback from you when we do. If you want to participate in that process, please follow us at the Rick Busby ReverbNation Artist Page or the Rick Busby Music Facebook Page and we will keep you posted.