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September 17, 2015

The Rick Show Reunion

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Rick Busby

We have been waiting for several months and now we are less than a week away from The Rick Show Reunion on Saturday, September 26th at The Logon Cafe in Beaumont, Texas. This will be the final Rick Show at The Logon Cafe in 2015. and will be dedicated to Cynthia Abraham and Judge Lupe Flores, two of the best friends The Rick Show has ever had. Both of these beautiful souls have passed away since the last Rick Show. and their presence will be missed even as we celebrate their lives and our memories of them.

As part of the show, me and my long-time collaborator Rick Danna will perform a special acoustic duo set, which is a return to the early years of our 15-year tenure performing at The Logon Cafe. The show starts at 8:30 and runs until midnight. Tickets at the door are $8. For information on The Logon Cafe, go here.

For venue information and show details, visit The Calendar Page.